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Buckle up, 2024

2024 campaign finance podcast politics presidential Jan 05, 2024
The Friday Reporter
Buckle up, 2024

When I started this podcast nearly three years ago, I spent my days in athleisure and read a lot of Twitter. Lucky for myself and everyone else, we've all gone back to wearing pants and Twitter has lost its mind.

Regardless of all that, I've been fortunate enough to keep the conversations going on The Friday Reporter and am excited to share the newest episode today.  If you're as dense as I am about campaign finance, you need a show like The Lawful Influence Podcast.  My friend Sterling Marchand is a partner at Baker Botts and he can translate campaign finance law for those of us who need the abridged version.

Sterling is just a few episodes deep and already breaking it down so we can understand. If you're a journalist needing a question answered or a political junkie like me, tune in and hear more about his point of view.  It's really helpful and witty stuff.  

You'll also get a window into his philanthropic effort -- Be The Good Project -- that he launched with his brilliant wife Amber -- to help with those that are food insecure in the Washington, D.C. area.  

Thanks for listening into the show, but if you find yourself not a regular listener, this little blog will give you enough about what we're talking about every week. 

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